Hurray for Autumn

I love September.

  1. It’s my birthday month and I still have a childish excitement for celebrations, presents and chocolate cake.
  2. I tend to go on holiday in September – catching the tail end of the European summer, resolutely dressed in my shorts and flipflops as the locals don their wooly jumpers and winter boots.
  3. I’ve never been able to shake that new start, back to work feeling that came with going back to school.


Granted this latter point hasn’t always been a positive. I dreaded the day my mum would take us to WHSmiths to stock up on stationary and a new pencil case, if we were lucky, for the forthcoming term. But nowadays I quite like it. I like the idea that the sun is taking a bit of a rest. I can relax and get down to things without the constant feeling that I’m missing out on the glorious weather, the frolicking get-togethers, the ice creams, the lazy lounging about and the general everyday excitement that goes hand in hand with summertime. I can say – thanks very much Summer, it’s been fun, everyone says you’ve been a bit rubbish this year but I feel like I got my fair share of rays, now let’s hand over to Autumn. I can get my duvet back. I can feel a bit chilly as I get into bed. I can put my boots on, dust off my coat and find my scarf. It’s time for stews and red wine, fires in pubs and dark, cosy evenings. It’s X-Factor and long, bonfire-scented walks, splashing in puddles and falling leaves. Gone is the ‘I should be outside’ guilt, replaced by the ‘hurray I’m indoors’ delight. I can cosy on down to my computer, be hugely productive and let a million and one ideas swirl around in my head.

It’s not January, for me, that the year starts, that everything begins again, but September. Autumn. The summer madness drifts away. The cool air brings with it fresh starts, infinite possibilities and the brilliant excuse to buy a new notebook!

Published by jennyoliverbooks

Jenny Oliver wrote her first book on holiday when she was ten years old. Illustrated with cut-out supermodels from her sister's Vogue, it was an epic, sweeping love story not so loosely based Dynasty. Since then Jenny has gone on to get an English degree and a job in publishing that's taught her what it takes to write a novel (without the help of the supermodels). She wrote her first book The Parisian Christmas Bake Off on the beach in a notebook that would end up covered in sand each afternoon and damp from the sea. Nowadays her inspiration comes from her love of all things vintage, a fascination with other people’s relationships and an unwavering belief in happy ever after! Jenny's latest title, The Sunshine and Biscotti Club, set in sunny Tuscany, is your perfect holiday reading! Follow her on Twitter @JenOliverBooks

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